On Defining Democrats
by Wayne Lutz

I emerged, as usual, bright and early from my humble abode, eager to face another day of saving the world from liberalism. My trusty SUV (a thirsty Dodge Humungo), festooned as it was with American Flags and Bush/Cheney 2004 flags and bumper stickers (and dubbed "The Bush Mobile" by bemused neighbors) stood quaking with barely-controled kinetic energy, ready to speed me to the scene of the next leftist attack on God, Country and Apple Pie.

Good Lord, what a Great Country this is.

On this morning, however, something was amiss. The Bush Mobile was short one Bush/Cheney flag - the only remaining Bush/Cheney flag, in fact - and on the window where it had so proudly fluttered remained only a jagged stub of white plastic. Someone had grabbed my Bush/Cheney flag and applied sufficient criminal, hateful force to break it off.

That was Bush/Cheney flag number four. Time to replenish my stock of Bush/Cheney flags.

There was nothing unusual in this latest act of petty vandalism. Far from it - it elicited from me no response more excited than a quiet sigh of resignation.

The once proud Democratic Party has become the official political voice of the lunatic fringe. As evidenced by their nomination for President of the #1 most liberal Senator and his trial lawyer #4 most liberal Senator, the Dems are solidly centered on the far left. These candidates are men who align themselves publicly with the likes of the vulgar defender of cop-killers, Whoopie Goldberg, and the near-treasonous, demonstratable liar Michael Moore. They are shameless, oblivious defenders of the indefensible. And they are dead-centered in the bosom of the Democratic party.

The Dems, then, are so far out of touch that they have passed well beyond any ability to argue American issues - issues of freedom, small government, and Judeo-Christian values - rationally. They are therefore reduced to lies, slander, hysterical hyperbole, and more often hateful vitriol. Liberals are vulgar, hateful, shrill and, yes, often violent. That violence manifests itself in microcosm with the repeated vandalism of the Bush Mobile.

That hateful rhetoric and violence are expressions of frustration over losing, and having no intellectual means of rationalizing that loss to themselves or others. Cultural liberalism is by definition an unnatural societal state, you see. It seeks to control by force of government arms the lives of its subjects. The only means of redistributing wealth, for example, is by force. Class "equality" is an unnatural human state, and can therefore only be maintained by force. The ultimate end of unfettered liberalism, then, is tyranny.

Liberals understand this, I think, on some unconscious level. Tyranny is of course indefensible, so liberals, then, are reduced to intellectual contortions and outright lies in order to justify themselves. When there is no rational argument to be made, then obfuscate. And if all else fails, just break the freaking flag off of the bastard's car.

Think for a moment about what is required of one in order for that one to be a Democrat today. To be a Democrat, you have to be in favor of the death of innocents (abortion, euthanasia), against individual freedom, in favor of anarchy, against moral judgments, in favor of religious persecution, against the free expression of religion, if favor of murderous dictatorships (Castro, Hussein, and don't even get me started on Communism), against principled leadership (the Pope? Reagan? Thatcher?), in favor of censorship, against talk radio, in favor of unelected dictates from afar and against sovereignty.

Basically, if it's good, moral, decent, principled or friendly to the sanctity of life, then liberals are against it. No wonder they're so angry all the time.

Fly your flags proudly, and display your W! bumper stickers without fear. But when you do, be prepared for the attempts of your Democrat neighbors to censor you with hateful gestures, vulgar shouts and petty vandalism. It is, after all, all that they have.

It is, after all, who they are.

© 2004 Tocqevillian Magazine