An Open Letter to Michael Smerconish:

I'm Giving You the Hairy Eyeball, Mike, and You've Flunked the Smell Test.

by Wayne Lutz

Editor's Note: For those of you unfamiliar, Michael Smerconish is Philly's morning-drive guy; radio talk show host for WPHT, AM1210, "The Big Talker," in Philadelphia. Mike has made a national name for himself as (among other things) a legal go-to guy for CNN, sit-in for Bill O'Reilly's and other's radio shows, guest on virtually all of the FOX analyst programs (O'Reilly, Hannity & Colmes, etc.) and most recently as author of an in-your-face wake up-call, "Flying Blind," a book that has drawn considerable attention, from the musty back shelves of Politically Correct Barnes & Noble to the dank, echoing halls of Congress. Michael's rise into the light of national prominence seems to this author to coincide with his descent into the darkness of political, cultural and moral relativism, and this letter is a plea to Michael to snap out if it, before it's too late...


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