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Tocq Gets Mail
Presented here are your letters to the editor of The Tocquevillian. If you would like to have your letter published, use this form, and be sure to include your name and a valid e-mail address.

- The Editor

To the Editor:

On your Philosophy page you say:

"Gramsci distinguishes two ways that the dominant group exercises control over the oppressed group, whereas Marx had written only of one:

1. Direct control through force and coercion - political domination couched in terms of service to the economic interests of the bourgeoisie.

2. What Gramsci calls Hegemony, which is the tacit use of a values system that supports and reinforces the interests of the proletariat.

The oppressed groups don't even know that they are oppressed, according to Gramsci, because they have absorbed the values system, or 'false consciousness,' that represses them."

I don't happen to have a copy of The German Ideology right here with me, but I'm pretty sure that "false consciousness" is a run-of-the-mill Marxist concept, expressed originally in that work and linked to his theory of Alienation.  Indeed, I can scrounge up my notes from Thelma Z. Lavine's class to trace the origin of my conviction, as well as the many talks I had with her concerning the use of the very same concept in Husserl's, and later in Habermas' version of the "Lifeworld."  So, if I'm wrong about the origin of the concept of "false consciousness," so is Professor Lavine. (And I could swear I actually read it in The German Ideology.)  If Gramsci is the origin, I'll be quite surprised.  (But I've been wrong before.)

I'm not really sure that anything much on the Left has been invented since Marx, rather than simply repackaged and possibly re-justified in relation to the margins. The Left really isn't very creative in that respect, and there are simply scores of repackaged versions of Marxism floating around without any attribution at all, and virtually unrecognizable as Marxism to the adherents.  I recently read a copy of a book called The Guru Papers which purported to be carving out a new and creative niche in the study of religious cults, and it really wasn't much more than retooled Marxism with a few Weberian concepts throuwn in to give it legitimacy (also without attribution).  It's all pretty crooked and seedy really.

Moreover, it is also true that these concepts, along with a few others from the European Counter-Enlightenment, can be identified as the Mother of all of the Totalitarian ideologies of the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries (including the Islamo/Fascism of Sayyid Qutb), although they each have had different fathers.  (Mom gets around.)

Scott Talkington

To the Editor:

I just like to say that I've enjoyed Gene Royer's writing for many years now and it's really a shame that any of his novels haven't been published yet. He has a great writing style, doesn't waste words and tells it like it is. His stories have lots of humor and keep you interested to the last word.

Danielle Mirrer

To the Editor:

Is it okay to praise one of your writers here?

Would like to say how much I enjoy reading Gene Royer's contributions to the Tocquevillian Magazine. Gene is one of the best"unpublished humorists" in the U. S. of A. and that includes the State of Texas.

I'd also like to commend the editor of this publication both for his excellent work with the Tocquvillian but his really outstandingweb page design. You, sir, are truly a genius as Mr. Royer often tells me.

Best wishes to you both!

Dale Beasley

To the Editor:

Mr Lutz (may I call you "Wayne"?):

I came across your columns by virtue of searching on Google for the words "Bush" and "cowboy".

What a delight!

I had rather thought, in my liberal, European way, that specimens such as yourself had thankfully crawled back to the woodwork whence they came.

I was wrong.

It's wonderful to read your columns - they let me know why and how your beloved Merka has brought us to the brink of the next world war.

Here are some pics:


You, presumably see nothing wrong or offensive in them - they're just "ragheads" after all.

Both you and your president should be ashamed of yourselves. Neither of youhave lived through a war, as we Europeans have - we know the reality of what you propose. You don't - and yet you're more than happy to inflict iton others.

Wayne (I can call you that, can't I?) - I trust you'll be in the front of the forces invading Baghdad. If not, then shame on you.

John Blower
61 Broom Park
Teddington TW11 9RR
Tel: 07986 401490

The Editor Responds:

Hello John (May I call you "Blower?",

Thank you so much for your letter! You have renewed my faith in the inherent superiority of all things American.

We will publish your letter proudly.

To The Editor:

wrote: "The answer, however, is not to remove a basic safeguard against abuse and transform the internal security apparatus into an aggressive political enforcement engine at the service of the Chief Executive. Unfortunately this, in the name of union-busting, is exactly what the Republican leadership has set out to do."

I vehemently disagree--with the entire article in general, but with this last excerpt in particular. Civil Service is a cancer, and one trip to a government office for services will prove it. Being able to work without serious fear of termination is a liberal ideal (and poor management besides) because it breeds counter-productivity. Why should a worker strive for excellence when just showing up will keep the paychecks coming?

Jerome Tilly

To The Editor:

Although your synopsis does not present it, this school district maintains a $750 million budget with which it alleges to educate 32,000 students; and the $3 million being withheld is a drop in the bucket. $750 million breaks down to about $24,000 per student. Assuming 178 school days, the student-per-day cost is about $134, or a bit more than $2600 a month.

Across this country, there are thousands of private schools who do a much superior job of educating students than do the government schools. And they do it for far less than $2600 a month per student.

Public schools have long-since ceased being institutions of learning for kids and have become bureaucratic repositories of employment for adults.

--Gene Royer

To The Editor:

I just read Atty Bancroft's letter. Remarkable! This is an example of America at its finest. Many letters appear in LTTE columns of publications, having been written spuriously; but Bancroft's sincere words could only have been poured from a true liberal heart. Not even a professional fiction writer like myself could have crafted such words of dedication and committment.

I don't know this dear lady, but I'm certain she is exactly what she claimes to be. A confirmed liberal.

--Gene Royer

To The Editor:

It pleases me greatly to see Mr. Bently's response to you regarding the letter from "A Concerned Liberal." I've always known, in my heart of hearts, that so-called Conservatives could not face the truth, even if that truth was distasteful to them, and even if that truth was signed by someone who may righteously fear for their lives, and so is signed anonymously.

It is a truth that conservatives in this great nation of our have singled out and abused those they accuse of "liberalism" to the point where it is dangerous to express dissent. I applaud "A Concerned Liberal" for his or her decision to remain anonymous -- and therefore safe -- while still holding up the standard of Truth.

Unlike "A Concerned Liberal", I am unafraid. In the course of my career as a military nurse, I cradled the heads of many young men as they died of grievous wounds inflicted by vicious, mindless monsters in a "war" that our nation had no business fighting. I have faced death. I am unafraid of the likes of Mr. David Bently, even while I rejoice at his departure.

So I sign my letter to you, proudly, as a confirmed liberal -- I remain,

Atty Bancroft,
RN, Capt. USAF - Ret.

To The Editor:

Sgt. Kid's account of the ongoing activity is resounding. I hung on every word. His pictures were incredibly clear and telling. I laud him his dedication to duty and thank him for sharing this with us.

George Polechek

To The Editor:

A slumbering giant has been awakened.

Manfreid Mann

To The Editor:

*Fine Dining At The Public Teat* was a marvelous article. Below is the rather lengthy Mission Statement of Abington School District taken from their website:

"The mission of the Abington School District is to educate and to guide all students, regardless of cultural or ethnic differences, toward achieving individual excellence, appreciating human value, contributing positively to a changing world, and becoming life-long learners by providing equal opportunities to engage in the best instructional practices that respond to the needs of the citizenry in the 21st century, while building upon the historical and culturally diverse roots of our community and its proud tradition of educational excellence."

Basically it says the school district is going to busy itself in *guiding* the students toward several things and also provide equal opportunity for them to do several things as well, etc.

At the end of the year, if the school can prove that it in fact worked hard at guiding the kids and providing that opportunity, then its mission will have been met. Note that whether the kids learn anything is not mandated.

If the students do not learn, the school can throw up its hands in dispair and drag out its records to show that it did its job as mandated by its mission: It guided and it provided.

Mission completed. School district One, Kids Zero.

--Gene Royer
Author: SCHOOL BOARD LEADERSHIP 2000, The Things Staff Didn't Tell You At Orientation (Brockton 1996 now in Third Printing)

To The Editor:

Dear Sir.

Where rules are broken to placate a rule breaker, can orderlyness thrive? I think not. Your rule is clearly written in the margin of this forum's display, yet you flippantly ignored them in allowing an anonymous writer to be heard simply because they are of a dissenting ideology.

Of course, it is your forum, and you are at will to break your own rules. However, I will not address this forum again.

--David Bentley

Editor Responds: (We're sorry to see you go, David. You are right, of course, and we shall endevour to make amends. But not yet. As soon as we get some coherent and signed mail from some brave liberal, we will promptly delete the object of your distaste. Will you then return to the fold?)

To The Editor:

The article "Massachusetts Madness" refers to the child having been given to a *gay couple*. Yet the article does not state whether the couple is male or female. There is a reason for that.

This is an indication of what logical conservatives call *The Three Sexes Phenomenon*. Male, Female and Homosexual.

RA (Ray Adler)

To The Editor:

David Bentley's letter to the editor is off the mark. It is obvious when one encounters a troll in a discussion forum. Trolls are trouble-makers, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with Liberals or Consuckatives.

I suggest Mr. Bently get his head out of the liberal newsgroups, if he's so afraid of them, and back into his safe little Barney newsgroups where trolls won't bother his sensitivities.

Thank you.

A Concerned Liberal

editor responds: (Normally we do not publish letters sent anonymously, but we get so few from our liberal friends that we've made an exception in this case.)

To The Editor:

I read Nancy Ahern's article about trolls on Usenet. I agree with her. Some people post opinions and/or articles for the sole purpose of stirring up trouble, as she avers. But more needs to be said: (note colon)

One man's troll is another man's *right-on Bro*. For example, in a newsgroup inhabited by 90-percent liberal thinkers, a conservative who posts a right-wing opinion would immediately be dubbed a troll. Yet, the other conservatives see the logic in their posting and laud them either online or via e-mail.

By the same token, the plethora of liberal-leaning (and controversial) articles appearing on the newsgroup--which seem perfectly logical to the leftists--seem wacko to the conservative thinkers. Yet those articles are not identified as troll bait by the leftists majority denizens on the group.

Trolling seems to be in the eye of the beholder. It all depends on whose ox is being gored. (damn those are great clichés)

David Bentley

To The Editor:

Re: Everyone Wins

Clarity rules with stories when you can direct the analogy. Royer did it, and the concluding thought is: "Yes, of course. That's the answer."

Brockton Brown

To The Editor:

Sharks deserve to live too, you know! So what if a few idiots who don't know better than to pursue their idle sport get chomped? Like that's the shark's fault? Face it, there are too many people out there anyway, and by rigging things so that Mankind always wins out, we'll end up with FAR TOO MANY of the types of losers who can't figure out which chad to punch. I REALLY don't want to be supporting these bozos when they get old, you know what I'm saying?

So let's lighten up on the shark thing. If the future residents of Palm Beach county want to take them on, that can only be a good thing, am I right?

Cindy Tan

To The Editor:

Boy, that article about the judges giving both runners the first-place medal and then letting all the girls win who tried out really hit home with me.

This happened to my daughter when she was a jr. in high school. She was in the Miss (our town) contest. She and another girl were 4.0 students. When the awards were passed out, the other girl and a girl whose father was a bigwig for Boise got the awards. When we contested the judges said her name was inadvertantly left out. It was embarassing to her and made me mad as hell.

She was given an expense paid weekend for her and her family at the state finals in Houma. We went because she wanted to go so bad. One of our neighbors was one of the sponsors of the contest and he resigned. He said he didn't want to be involved with people like that.

My daughter has gone on and has a good life but I'm sure
she still thinks of the way she was shafted.

Freeda O'quinn

To The Editor:

Except for the period of time Clinton held the White House, Europeans have seldom been on the same page with we Americans. They liked his social/liberal principles and amorality. So, why should we expect that they be in agreement with Bush on Kyota or anything else.

George W Bush became president of the United States in order to look after the interests of the citizens of the United States, not those of Europeans. He is doing what he was elected to do, and when the Euros start giving him favorable marks, then I'll worry.

He is the President of the United States, not the president of France.

--Warren Speigel

To The Editor:

It is four ayem. I just fed 32 cats. You suck.

David Bonnerwirth, esq.

To The Editor:

This is a keen forum. I'm quite conservative, but I do have liberal leanings when it comes to abortion because I was an aborted child who lived to tell about it. It is a long story.

Keep up the good work, and I do enjoy the off-the-wall reporting of unusual stories.

James Whittier, Esq

To The Editor:

I read your news item concerning the books on bums in Austraila. I fail to see the point. So they don't like bums! What's the big deal? Its they're literacy campaign and if they want to not have books that feature child porn photos in them, their within their rites.

I just thought you should know that.

Thank you, and good day.

Ronnie Reuben

editor responds: (Yes, literacy is important. Thanks.)

To The Editor:

Thank you for an enjoyable web site, I found your site to be refreshing and unique. As a site owner myself, I can really appreciate the thoughtfulness, ideas, and work you have put into your site, in order to keep it informative as well as entertaining. If you don't mind, I would like to add a text link to your site from my links page. Perhaps you would consider adding a link to my site as well. These are the specs for my site:


TikiTrash.Commentary is a site dedicated to reclaiming the average Joe's voice in American politics with political news, commentary, and issues facing Conservative Republicans and the Republican party in general. We feature cutting edge Conservative commentary from our own editorial staff, as well as giving voice to those who might not necessarily have one, by publishing pieces from unknown authors as well. This combined with real time news updates, and an active, informative, entertaining forum, make TikiTrash.Commentary a must see site for all Conservatives.

Please let me know either way at your convenience.


Bill Hengst

editor responds: (Thanks for the votes, Bill. We enjoyed your site. It's a fine example of the phenomenon we've noticed taking place ever since Gore tried to steal the White House - the surge in grassroots conservative momentum on the web.)