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Gene Royer

Gene Royer is a staunch conservative. He is also a Policy Governance ® consultant and writer. He is the author of School Board Leadership 2000 - The Things Staff Didn't Tell You At Orientation and his international practice is based in Houston

    by Gene Royer

    September 10, 2003

    This happened a few years ago, and I remember posting it to one of the now irrelevant writing newsgroups. A friend of mine wrote recently and asked if I would send her a copy, so I decided to dig it out of my archives and submit it to the pages of the Tocquevillian. It concerns my neighbor Wilbur who lost his job in the downsizing of the late-1990s and was having to go all over the city for interviews.

    One of the places he hoped to find work was all the way across town in an area where he was not familiar. He told me he wasn't sure he could find the business once he got in the general vicinity. I told him I had the perfect solution to his problem.

    "Just go to the first fire station you come to and ask them," I said. "And if they're too busy to help you, then go to the first Pizza Hut you find. Hell, they deliver all over the area, and they know where all the places of business are."

    So, he took my advice and headed out.

    Sure enough, when he decided he was near his destination he spotted a fire station and stopped to ask directions. However, as he pulled into the parking area, the big doors were coming up, and a moment later the fire truck came roaring out with its siren blasting and with three or four firefighters hanging onto it.

    So, Wilbur parked his car and walked inside to see if there was anyone there who could help him. The only other person was an old Mexican guy sweeping up, so Wilbur asked him how to find the nearest Pizza Hut. The old man told him to go to the second traffic light and turn left about six blocks.

    Wilbur thanked him and drove away. He followed the old man's instructions, but when he got to the Pizza Hut, the damn thing was on fire.

    ęGene Royer 1998

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