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Wayne Lutz

Mr. Lutz is the editor, publisher and chief writer of The Tocquevillian magazine. He also writes and maintains a fitness website, and has been widely published in print media and on the web, mostly on health and fitness topics and on men's issues.

He is a member of the NRA, the Home School Legal Defense Association, the Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch. In his spare time he helps old ladies cross the street and is kind to children and puppies - habits which, admittedly, belie his unusual appearance.

Mr. Lutz is available to conservative organizations for speaking engagements, and may be reached at eic @


How Could This Happen?

Glad you asked...

by Wayne Lutz

On November 1, 2004 - the day before the Great Election of 2004 - I wondered aloud how the liberals would explain to themselves their massive defeat in a way that would make them feel better about themselves. I took a couple of stabs at the answer to my own question, which turned out to be uncannily accurate:

"Will they claim fraud? Will they blame a "stupid" voting public?"

They have done and continue to do both of these, of course, and at a volume and with a blatant disregard for facts that (almost) surprises even me.

Any liberal with a modicum of intelligence and an ounce of introspective ability would realize, given the election results, that something about that which he represents must be out of sync with mainstream American culture. The smart thing to do would be to regroup and analyze, and then based on that analysis decide if the Party can adapt and change, or should simply be allowed to die.

But intellectually honest self-examination is beyond the ability of modern liberals, because it would expose the truth about themselves to themselves, and that can't be. So not only can liberals not accept the clear and undeniable truth of the outcome of the election, rather that outcome has spawned a whole new gaggle of organizations and websites in the mold of "MoveON.Org," which was formed in response to the impeachment of convicted perjurer, admitted liar, sexual harasser and alleged rapist Bill Clinton.

One of these is "Retro vs. Metro America," and the name itself along with the colorization indicates the biggest trouble with liberals right off the bat.

Kerry voters are Metro, of course. Modern, progressive...the elite intelligentsia. This has been shown repeatedly by New York opinion writers who are so insanely insulated and out of touch that it's a wonder that they're even aware that the US is made up of more than two states. Bush voters are "Retro." Stupid, inbred denizens of trailer parks - all 60 million+ of them. "Osama bin Laden knows where the beating heart of America lies - which is why he targeted New York City, not a shopping mall in Kansas," wrote elitist extraordianaire Tina Brown in the Washington Post today.

Even without the clear implication that people in "flyover country" are too unimportant to be targeted for mass-murder, the arrogant bigotry of that statement would be stunning if it were not so common. But the unmurdered hayseeds in Kansas are listening to this, and therein lies the problem for the Democratic party.

In a whiney essay called "How Could This Happen," Retro vs. Metro allows that the ignorance of anyone who does not live in a blue county is a given - it's simply understood and need hardly be said.

"Bush...catered shamelessly to the lowest common denominator within his already narrow, ignorant base. Had Kerry addressed his more educated, diverse and---most importantly---numerically superior constituency, the margin in Kerry's favor would\'ve been so huge as to render wholesale vote theft impractical."

In one short, spittle-flecked burst of vitriol, this angry leftist validates the truth of both of my predictions above; a stupid electorate and a stolen election - "wholesale" voter fraud.

The irony of these charges is that they present an accurate picture - but only if you hold that picture up to a mirror. The electorate is ignorant, and there was massive voter fraud - but Bush won in spite of that, not because of it. The ignorance, and the fraud, is on the Blue side, not the Red.

Glenn Beck's "moron trivia" and Hannity's "man on the street" interviews are all the (anecdotal, admittedly) evidence you need that Kerry "Metro" voters are MTV-driven, soundbite-informed (if informed at all), shallow, irrational, and in many cases barely literate idiots who know for fact that Bush is bad but when asked to name Kerry's running mate answer "Al Sharpton."

As for voter fraud, virtually all of the documented cases of fraud are on the Democrat side. Kerry won Pennsylvania by a margin that easily could have been erased if there had not been massive fraud. College kids were caught by congressmen and filmed by network news crews running out of State Pens with boxes bulging with prisoner ballots. The city of Philadelphia, which went solidly for Kerry, had more registered voters than there are citizens over 18 according to the last census - and they all voted at least once for Kerry. These incidences of fraud are real and documented, as opposed to the paranoid speculation of the radical leftist conspiracy theorists. The elimination of the massive fraud in Philadelphia alone could have swung the state to Bush.

"The internet is buzzing with reports of rigged voting machines, intimidation, unusually high "spoilage" and long lines in Democratic regions, vote count lockdowns---over 30,000 "irregularities," warns the outraged writer of "How could this happen?"

The word "reports" is a lie, of course. Wild speculation, conspiracy theory, or illusion induced by an overdose of Moules à la marinière with a nice 2001 Cabernet Franc would be more accurate.

But all of this is ok. We ignorant, illiterate in-bread hayseeds are safe from the dictatorial bent and totalitarian aspirations of blue county elitists. So long as they insist on deluding themselves, and so long as they remain oblivious to the ability of red-staters to process what they see and hear, so long as they continue to condescend, berate, insult, and ignore Red America, then power will remain beyond their grasp.

Blue misunderestimates Red yet again, and Blue Loses.