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Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.- Alexis DeTocqueville

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Culture Wars - The battle for the minds of our children

Wayne Lutz

Mr. Lutz is the editor, publisher and chief writer of The Tocquevillian magazine. He also writes and maintains a fitness website, and has been widely published in print media and on the web, mostly on health and fitness topics and on men's issues.

He is a member of the NRA, the Home School Legal Defense Association, the Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch. In his spare time he helps old ladies cross the street and is kind to children and puppies - habits which, admittedly, belie his unusual appearance.

Mr. Lutz is available to conservative organizations for speaking engagements, and may be reached at eic @ tocquevillian.com

by Wayne Lutz, December 28th, 2000

Two recent lawsuits have been reported, both of which affect your right as a parent to raise your children according to you own values, each launching an attack on sanity in public education, from opposite sides. You are surrounded.

The first, reported on Philadelphia Fox News at 10, is brought by two Columbia University professors who wish to see the teaching of abstinence education banned from public schools.

It boggles the brain - what could anyone possibly have against the attempt to teach children that sexual abstinence is the only sure way of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases? It's bad enough that abstinence education must be couched in terms of health precaution, as opposed to the installation in young minds of the ideal that abstinance is simply the right thing to do - a matter of self-respect, of morality.

But to abolish it altogether? On what possible grounds?

On the grounds that abstinance education is by definition a "faith-based" philosophy, and anything involving "faith" is a violation of the supposed constitutional provision for the separation of church and state.

This is not a joke.

Attacking from the other side is a lawsuit brought by Margot Abels, a seven-year employee of the Massachusetts state's education department, who worked as an HIV-AIDS program coordinator.

Abels was one of three state employees who conducted a workshop held at Tufts University on Saturday, March 25, titled, "What They Didn't Tell You About Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class: Workshop for Youth Only, Ages 14-21."

While the workshop was justified as a means of disseminating health and prevenion informaton, it was in fact nothing more than an attempt to promote the gay and lesbian agenda by recruting young bodies and indoctrinating young minds.

Scott Whiteman, a parent and executive director of the Massachusetts-based Parents Rights Coalition, attended the conference and secretly recorded it. He is the subject of Abel's lawsuit as a result.

Whiteman's recording shows that what was taking place was a teen sex how-to workshop, where graphic details of such homosexual sex practices as "fisting" were positively discussed, and where the first mention of "safe sex" methods did not come until 55 minutes into the session, and then only as a matter of "informed choice".

The result, of course, is that Whiteman is being sued by Abel. His offence? Violating her right of "free speach", her "right", in other words, to use taxpayer funds to teach gay sex techniques to public school children - to your children, whether you like it or not.

When Whiteman publicized the graphic nature of the workshop - part of Massachusetts' Safe Schools program - one of the state employees running the workshop and a 17-year-old student participant filed for a gag order. A judge issued that order, prohibiting Whiteman from revealing or discussing what he had recorded.

The world is made safe for gay activism and exclusion of parental authority. Thank you, Judge.

The superior court judge called the secret taping 'disgusting behavior', saying he was 'deeply offended' by Whiteman's actions.

Chester Darling, representing Whiteman, shot back that he was "deeply offended by what was told to those children. It was a crime; it has to be revealed."

The purpose of the gay and lesbian attacks on our schools is to enforce, by any means, their own agenda at the expense of your rights as parents. Any opposition to that agenda is labeled bigotry - any attempt to present an opposing point of view is labeled "hate speech" and shouted down or outlawed.

The Judeo-Christian ethic upon which this nation was founded and without which, as the Founding Fathers knew, a government of the people cannot long endure, holds as one of its most basic tenets that fundamental human rights, granted by God, are affirmed by the state, not granted by it.

Among these rights are some that are so basic to our humanity that it seems inconceivable to the rational mind that they might be subverted by anything other than force. Examples of some of these might be the right to defend one's own life, family and property against those who would take them from us, or the right to raise one's own child according to one's own beliefs.

Especially in consideration of the family, we in the United States have taken our God-given rights for granted, secure in the knowledge that matters involving our own families are sacred and subject only to our own practical and moral decisions.

But throughout human history the statists have held, and have mostly been successful in the forced implementation of, the opposite view. To them, the state is the family, and your children belong to the state. This is the underlying totalitarian premise of Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes A Village.

The current crop of statists are attempting to implement their agendas through social engineering projects in our public schools, knowing as they do that they are most likely to affect social change by conditioning the minds of our young. Make no mistake - it is not alarmist to characterize what is happening in many of our schools as nothing less than a full-blown culture war between parental rights and state control.

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"...At a hearing for a "Motion to Intervene", filed by Fox News Network, which claimed that the gag order was unconstitutional prior restraint, a superior court judge called the secret taping 'disgusting behavior', saying he was 'deeply offended' by Whiteman's actions.

Chester Darling, representing Whiteman, shot back that he was "deeply offended by what was told to those children. It was a crime; it has to be revealed..."

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