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Robert Zubrin, author, engineer, Robert Heinlein award winner and visionary, points out the hard choice facing NASA in the wake of the shuttle disaster. Does America remain in low Earth orbit, or turn her vision outward toward the next logical step in the exploration of space? Zubrin discusses the difference between "Shuttle Mode" and "Apollo Mode" in Two Roads for NASA.

Just in time for back to school: Talk show star Michael Smerconish suggests that there may be reasons not to be so anxious to send your kids back to school...Editorial by Michael Smerconish: WHEN SCHOOLS GO OFF THE DEEP END

The Devil went down to the Tocq! Charlie Daniels takes on leftist elitism in this special Tocq editorial. If there's one mistake that liberals always make, it's in underestimating the "scope" of patriotic Americans. Don't miss "Scoping Southern Style," by the one and only Charlie Daniels.

Paul Crespo is a public policy consultant and writer in Miami and Washington, DC. A former Marine officer, he was a member of the Miami Herald Editorial Board and writes regularly on politics, military affairs and diplomacy for The Herald, AEI Magazine Online and Tiempos del Mundo. Paul joins the pages of the Tocquevillian with Democracy and free markets vs. Socialism

Dave Francis is back with some advice for the Arab street. They need to "get a job" - Message to the Arab Street: Get Over it!

Dave Francis comes to the Tocq from Russia, with attitude. Eddie, go home!

Jan Winiecki, Ph.D., returns to the pages of The Tocquevillian with his analysis of the concept of American unilateralism in AMERICAN UNILATERALISM: A Personal Perspective

Eric Englund returns with, Global Warming: Socialism's Trojan Horse

Eric Englund
is the Tocq guest columnist for March. Writing from way up in the Pacific Northwest, Eric examines the leftist love affair with Castro and Stalin and exposes the politically correct mindset that can ingore the horrors of Communism while at the same time expressing moral outrage at incorrect ethnic lables. Don't order an "Oriental" salad in Washington state, and don't miss Here in the Pacific Northwest, Castro and STalin Can Help Promote Your Products and Serivces.

Tocq contributor Eleanor Ankrom returns this month with her comparison to a modern-day Boston Tea Party when she witnesses those Responding to the Call to Arms

Eleanor Ankrom
brings us a view of the recent "peace" rallies from a rational perspective, pointing out that admitted communists, socialists, and "friends" of convicted cop-killers are motivated by something other than a desire for peace, in The Burgeoning Peace Movement.

R. Jones:
When morality is taught to students as a subjective choice, I DARE You To Think

Tocq educational correspondent James Austin Bishop, presents us with a scholarly look at The Religion of Radical Secularism

R. Jones
holds teachers accountable for more than just their own egos in Leaving Politicking Behind

Why Conservatives Should Love Government Unions - by billo

Casey Khan
works as a risk analyst in Phoenix, Arizona, where he lives with his wife. Mr Kahn takes a hard look at the weakening of the spirit of posse comitatus by the recent militarization of U.S. law enforcement in Watch Where You Point That Weapon!

R. Jones
takes on the American Library Association and articulates a distinction that liberals can't seem to comprehend - the difference between rights and license, between censorship and common-sense moores, in When It's Right

Yevgeny Vilensky, Editor-In-Chief of the Yale Free Press, asks "How do you prove to a feminist that a skyscraper isn't built as a phallic symbol?" Answer - you don't. Vilensky posits that many students spend four years in college learning only to construct an "epistemological bubble" around themselves, in Bubble Children - The Death of Intellectual Honesty

Jan Winiecki, Ph.D.
- Politically Correct Welfare State: Beginning of the End
Jan Winiecki, a professor of international trade and finance and former member of President Lech Walesa's Political Advisory Council, writes for The Tocquevillian on the legally enforceable "right to somone else's income," and the "terror" and pending demise of political correctness and the welfare state.

Jan Winiecki, Ph.D. - Comparing Civilizations: A Politically Incorrect Analysis
In this transcript of a speech given at Grove City College, Prof. Jan Winiecki dares to make politically incorrect comparisons of Western and Islamic civilizations. The nerve!

James Austin Bishop - The National Education Association: Emphasis on the Ass.

Someone is collecting data on subversives - on you - and it ain't the office of Homeland Security.

A Grand Illusion: Oregon's Attempt to Control Death Through Physician-Assisted Suicide - Jerome R. Wernow, Ph.D., R.Ph

From the legal staff of the National Center for Home Education, a division of the Home School Legal Defense Association -
Oppose the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

Catholic Priests Repeatedly Abused - Humberto Fontova

R. Jones - Fuzzy Child-Care Data
The numbers don't lie, but we do.

R. Jones - A Tribe of Troglodytes
It's time to recognize that "equal rights" means just that.

Washington, D.C.: the Twilight Zone -Kent Snyder, executive director of The Liberty Committee

Squirrel Opener - Humberto Fontova

Seige At Sagle by Jeff Elkins

"Those children, five healthy young Americans, will no longer enjoy roaming the family timberland or canoeing on Beaver Lake."