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Dave Francis

Dave Francis is a 43-year-old American living in Russia. Dave is a patriot, to the point of radicalism.

" I believe that America is the greatest government that ever graced the earth. I think the bill of rights is the most important document since the Bible. I also believe that all governments are evil. The smaller and more inefficient the government is, the better."

Dave Francis is arrogant, opinionated, and damn near always correct.

"I have been, at various times, a free spirit wandering this earth, a small businessman in Houston Texas, a fledgling journalist in Central America and Mexico, and an aspiring figure in the high growth industry of the Russian mafia.

Currently, Dave teaches English at St. Petersburg State University, the premier university in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is the alma mater of Mendelev, Lenin, and Putin, among others. He also runs the only English language radio show in the city, THE DAVE FRANCIS SHOW on Radio Roks, FM 102. It combines black humor, rock music, news, and commentary to produce "the best radio show in the whole damn country! (Not just my opinion, my wife says the same!)"

You can listen to Dave Francis on:
Radio Roks 102 FM
St. Petersburg, Russia
Now LIVE on the internet.

    Message to the Arab Street: Get over it.
    by Dave Francis

    May 15, 2003

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    I will spell it out for you. Apparently some of the people in the Arab world don't quite get it.

    The US supports Israel. It does not want to see Israel destroyed. It will not, under any circumstances, allow that to happen.

    That may be wrong, it may be unfair, but in case you haven't noticed, the world is unfair. Get over it. It is the world you were born into. Make the best of it.

    Israel says that it just wants its physical integrity protected, and that it is only protecting itself. Whether true or not, you can debate in your coffeshops, newspapers, mosques, and wherever else you choose. Americans believe them. We believe them because the face we see of the Arab in the Arab world is that of an ugly, screaming mob, burning flags, cheering bin Ladin, supporting Saddam, and killing Americans. You will NEVER get America's sympathy as long as you continue to present that face. America respects groups and leaders who have won their freedom, and if you think you can militarily defeat Israel, with the full and total support of the US military, then go for it. Good luck. More likely you will weaken yourselves, embarrass your armies, and continue your cycle of backward living for an other few centuries.

    If you want to see Israel's support in the US cut back, take my advice:

    1. Come out against terrorist acts. Killing civilians, guerilla fighting, all of it. Come out against violence. Don't allow it, don't spread it, and don't do it!

    2. Show that you are thoughtful, instead of just some disgusting, bad smelling, nasty mob screaming in unison. Be a group of individuals, come together for a single purpose, and make that purpose the establishment of a peaceful existence for Jews and Arabs alike.

    3. Denounce the hate mongers among you. Cut them loose like they are your ex-wifes relatives. Get them far away from you. Do not let them be on TV. Or radio. Or magazines. You get the idea.

    4. Take responsibility for yourselves. Quit begging for others to solve your problems. Solve them yourself. What has Israel, for example, got to do with Iran? The lives of Saudi youth are not affected by Israel at all, but they spend their time bitching about Israel, instead of getting a job. Understand that you, the Arab street, are being played for the suckers that you are. Not by Tel Aviv, not by Washington, but by Cairo, Riyadh, and Damascus. As long as they can keep you in the streets screaming about Israel, you aren't screaming about the TRUE problems in the Arab world.

    5. Apologize for the past. Now, I know, with the inflated sense of pride that exists throughout the Arab world, this is a particularly tough one, but face it. You people have behaved like asses for the last couple of years. Hold on, did I say couple? I meant to say for the last THOUSAND years. You have let what was once a promising culture be hijacked by leaders who have run you into the ground. I mean, look around you. Your lives suck, and they suck because of your apathy toward your leaders robbing you blind, your laziness in advancing, and your hatred of the civlizations who have blown past you like so many Corvettes passing old ladies in walkers. Apologize to the Arab street, if you are a leader. To the young if you are old, to the world if you are a hate monger. Ask the west to forgive you, admit that you have done a lot wrong, and get on the path of doing the right thing.

    The west in general, and America in particular, are very kind, forgiving places. After you do these five things, you will find that your lives will get better, America will begin to pay true respect to you and your societies, and your social structure will finally be worthy of some respect.

    In the end though, it is up to you, the Arab street. You can do these things now, and get on the path to joining the civilized world, or you can continue to watch bigger, stronger, better nations kick you around like you are a bunch of little girls. You will never be able to defeat Israel militarily, as long as the US stands behind it. Never.

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